Tara Sheridan Memorial Dip In The Nip 2016

On May 30, 2016

Tara Sheridan Memorial Dip In The Nip 2016

Well it’s official everyone the Dip in The Nip 2016 is a go. Its on 24th of July 2016 and we are hoping you all can join us. Please contact the organisers on Facebook at Cork Dippers page and they¬†will send out the all the forms, your number and the donations forms etc.

Lets start the countdown. 

The Cork Dragons realised their Dream and Tara Sheridans Dream of a new boat. This year we start raising funds for their new boat house and start the road for more survivors to get out onto the water. You can also follow them on twitter @CorkDippers.

Come on you know you want to get involved believe me you wont regret it its the most terrifying exciting adrenaline pumping thing you will ever experience and all in the cause of giving the 2 fingers to cancer and showing it we will not give up until cancer has a cure and we lose no more sisters brothers mothers fathers friends and family…


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